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Promoting a better understanding of the movement
and application of poultry litter in Oklahoma
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**Annual administrative update completed June 2014**

Top 5 reasons why you should join the Oklahoma Litter Market:

It's Free You Can Make a Sale It Benefits
It's Easy You Can Make Money     the Environment

Join the Litter Market

Log in to join the Oklahoma Litter Market. It's fast and easy! Just fill out the questionnaire regarding your needs / services / product, visit with your local Extension Educator (go to http://www.countyext.okstate.edu to find the nearest office), or email us at cheryl.ford@okstate.edu and we'll set up a profile for you.

How to Use the Site

Browse the database by clicking on Sellers, Buyers, or Service Provider links shown at left to see a complete list of our current members. Additional tools include a Litter Value Calculator and a producer message board.

Visit http://www.poultrywaste.okstate.edu for information related to poultry waste management, including regulations, education, fact sheets, and informative links.


The Oklahoma Litter Market website serves as a communication link for buyers, sellers and service providers of poultry litter. Marketing poultry litter to more distant nutrient-deficient areas or for further processing offers one solution to the litter surplus problem associated with high production areas. The goal of this site is to provide educational materials, practical information and avenues of contact with producers, buyers, sellers and service providers.


Development of this site was funded by a grant from U.S. EPA 319(h), administered by the Oklahoma Conservation Commission as part of the Oklahoma Nonpoint Source Program.

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