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and application of poultry litter in Oklahoma
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Welcome to Real-Time Service Provider Data!

This is a list of all service providers in our database. If you want to sort records by service provider name, county name, phone, truck name, and truck capacity, please, click on the appropriate column's name. If you want to see the details about each service provider, please, click on that individual's name.

Currently there are 23 Service_Providers in our database.

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Name County Phone Email Truck Capacity
Rex & Deloris Anderson Mayes 918-640-4923 1 Spreader 6 Ton
Denny Brown B & D Litter Service LLC Benton (AR) 479-822-5551 Long nose Petes, w/walking floor trailers 22-23 tons
Doug Blehm Kingfisher 580-822-5315 2 Semis with belt trailers and spreader 30 ton
Sheri Herron BMPs, Inc. Washington (AR) 866-304-2784 Semis 22
Mike Brady Craig 620-515-1162 Semis and Spreaders 24 Tons
Jeff Buffington Leflore 918-962-3650 Semis and spreaders Unlimited
Conservation District Craig County Craig 918-256-5647 Litter spreader 5
Larry Gately McIntosh 918-680-0949 1803 TERRAGATOR 9 tons
Roger Collins Greener Pastures Enterprises LLC Adair 918-723-4440 Spreader Trucks and Semis 25
Debbie Crum Inola Valley Transport LLC Rogers 918-543-3732 End Dump Trucks & Belt Trailers Call

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